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The August 4th General Membership Meeting featured guest speaker, Kim Amontree of the Charlotte County School Board, District 2. Amontree spoke about the recent achievements of Charlotte County Public Schools and the importance of Voting Yes for Success in the November General Election. Charlotte County Public Schools engaged a third-party consultant (MGT Consulting) to conduct an efficiency study that confirms the efficiency and effectiveness of School District operations. The efficiency study unveiled amazing results that would not have not been possible without the support of the School Board Referendum Funds.


Since 2018 the Referendum funds have supported,

  • The highest graduation rate in CCPS history – 91%
  • 80% of schools have increased or maintained their grade.
  • “A” or “B” schools now account for 80% of the district.
  • Each year the total number of “A” and “B” schools has increased.
  • AP scores have increased 10% in one school year.
  • Reducing the number of “C” schools in the district from 40 to 30%
  • Grade 3 students have outperformed the state average in reading.
  • 16% increase of students graduating college and career ready (66% total).

Voting Yes for Success is crucial to creating a better future for Charlotte County Schools. The Referendum funds will be directed towards hiring qualified staff at competitive wages, ensuring equal access to after-school activities by eliminating the “Pay to Participate” fee, and supporting underfunded programs such as arts, music, and theater. If the vote passes, the Referendum will provide an additional year of education for Charlotte County students by extending the school day by an extra 30 minutes. Amontree states, “Referendum funds have had a direct impact on the success of all schools in Charlotte County. If we want to remain the great district that our community deserves, we need to continue the initiatives that the referendum funds.” The funds will also help support workforce programs and enhance technology for better instruction.


The Referendum will be a continuation of the one mill dollar school enhancement tax, where one mill is equal to $1 for every $1,000 of assessed value of your home. The Save Our Homes legislation limits the increase to 3% per year or the CPI, whichever is less. This makes the cost less for homestead property owners. The Yes for Success Referendum aims “to use taxpayer dollars as efficiently as possible to provide the best education we can for the children of Charlotte County.” The average Charlotte County homeowner will pay only 54 cents per day!


If the referendum does not pass this year, Charlotte County Public Schools will be left with no choice but to cut pay and staff, reduce the number of extra-curricular programs, and charge families for their children to participate in afterschool programs. The 2021 efficiency report stated, “The District has been a frugal steward of the resources that were afforded through the referendum. Without the resources the district would not have excelled to the rank of 13th in the State.” The quality of education in Charlotte County has a direct impact on the quality of life in our community. Amontree emphasizes, “strong schools help create stronger communities”.


To view previous Efficiency Study Results or to learn more please visit https://www.voteyes4success.org/take-action. Don’t forget to Vote Yes for Success in the General Elections November 8, 2022!


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