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A New Corporate Home is Rising on Northrup Road

Corporate groundbreaking ceremonies are common in many cultures. It’s a tradition that brings together business and civic leaders who dig shovels in the ground to signify the beginning of construction. Charlotte County held an important groundbreaking on December 5th as Amigo Pallets, Inc. broke ground for a new 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse at 8429 Northrup Road. The building is scheduled to open in August 2019.

Amigo Pallets specializes in recycled and custom pallets used in food and materials handling.  The company is a primary supplier for Cheney Brothers, one of the largest food distributors in South Florida. Cheney Brothers 350,000 sq. ft. food distribution facility in Charlotte County is responsible for more than 500 jobs locally. According to Raul Alfonso, who co-owns Amigo Pallets with his wife Olga, “Cheney Brothers is the reason we are here.” Mr. Alfonso added that “Charlotte County is strategically located with strong potential for future growth. It’s a beautiful and peaceful area where we look forward to contributing to the growth and well-being of the community.”

Ken Doherty, chairman of the Charlotte County Board of Commissioners, led the proceedings. Local dignitaries included Elaine Sarlo from the office of Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Michael Grant, a member of the Florida House of Representatives and Charlotte County Economic Development Partnership. Representative Grant noted the day’s breezy conditions and earned a laugh from the crowd by saying, “This may be a bad hair day, but it’s a great day for economic development in Charlotte County.”

Other County Commissioners included Chris Constance and Stephen R. Deutsch. Mayor Nancy Prafke and Vice Mayor Lynne Matthews represented the City of Punta Gorda, along with City Council member Jaha Cummings. Wendy Atkinson was present for the Charlotte County School Board and CEO James Parish represented the Charlotte County Airport Authority.

On behalf of the Charlotte County Economic Development Partnership, we hope to see many more groundbreaking ceremonies in 2019!