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The more dollars flowing into a community, the more money available for infrastructure such as roads, utilities and schools, all of which result in a higher standard of living for citizens. In addition, economic diversification is critical to maintain the financial security of a community during economically challenging times.

Supporting economic development in Charlotte County gives our community a competitive edge as we head into the future. Building a foundation of high wage jobs, ensuring access to education, quality housing and an outstanding quality of life are the responsibility of today’s business community and citizens.

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EDP Goals

  • Work closely with our existing primary employers.
  • Work aggressively with Charlotte County and regional economic development partners to create a competitive location to attract new employers into the area.
  • Be a catalyst for positive, community-led improvements.
  • Facilitate beneficial workforce partnerships with our public and private K-12 schools and Florida SouthWestern State College.
  • Support the utilization of attractive and flexible local incentive packages to attract business investment and job creation.