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From the Sky to the Sea: Metalcraft Marine Docks in Charlotte County

MetalCraft Marine is an international leader in high speed patrol boats, fire boats, rescue boats and work boats. The Canadian firm has a client list that includes the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and police and fire departments across North America. After a thorough search for a new U.S. manufacturing location, the company docked right here in Charlotte County. MetalCraft Marine is on track to build new boats from the ground up and water-test them near their new headquarters in the Interstate Airport Park.

This is a company with rich history. It currently builds vessels at a site with a boatbuilding history that dates back to 1676! Metalcraft Marine is a leader in jet boat design and recognized for the exceptional quality of its work, exemplified by a ten-year warranty on the hulls of all commercial coats, a demanding specification that is now becoming the standard for government orders. Charlotte County is proud to welcome them into our business community. We look forward to many years of mutual success and growth.